I loved images but hated text as a kid. Images enabled me to see the world of the characters in a way text wouldn’t allow me. Normal Text was “bland” for me at the time and I wouldn’t be able to picture the scene accurately. I hardly cared for the words, as it made reading, which for me at the time meant looking at pictures, overly complicated and dull. I would read about topics I would have a genuine interest in such as prehistoric animals or historic figures. I found books to contain limited knowledge in that regard, but I never categorized my online activities as reading. My parents, especially my father, were less receptive of me reading “online” and looking at images, which according to their definition was less intellectual and a waste of time. My parent’s requirements for reading would be that the medium should be a “physical” book, the source should be intellectual, and that it should be written by a critically acclaimed writer. Slowly, but surely, I became more accustomed to reading traditional text.

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My family had a neutral influence on my writing. I was indifferent towards writing. I neither liked nor did I dislike it. Middle school courses such as creative writing had a significant impact on my writing style. I would adopt a narrative style of writing, and mainly try to incorporate a story into most subjective writing assignments. Aside from the assigned class readings, Fantasy novels formed the majority of my recreational reading. Stories with an emotional depth attracted me like a magnet, and it reflected in my writing as well. The concept of death would be included in most stories I would write. I continued to read teenage fiction and epic fantasy novels, but my interest in these stories began to wane as I noticed a pattern in the fantasy storytelling and teenage fiction: The protagonist would be introduced to a new, alternate world, the bad guy would be defeated, a few major characters would die in the end, and everyone would live happily ever after.

As technology became more accessible and practical, my parents toned down their strictness on online censorship. When college essays came on the horizon, it was then my perception of writing greatly changed. I greatly underestimated writing about myself, as the majority of my previous writing consisted of mainly external or fictional characters. The writing process was unpleasant, to say the least. I was never satisfied with college essays. This affected my reading, I became more critical and selective of books generally. As I reduced the amount of reading, writing for me became dead and hollow almost up to a point that I began to despise it. Completing college essays and high school essay assignments was not a pleasant experience for me. While I was never satisfied with my essays, it appeared it was good enough for Emory to consider them as “acceptable”. I now surge forward with a newfound hope that perhaps Emory’s intensive writing programs could improve my writing style and more importantly change my perception of writing.

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